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How can you sell your property Online?

Many Filipinos based abroad try their hand at investing once they have set aside a sizeable amount of money. Usually the choice is real estate. This is because buying and selling a property draws one of the highest profits. Plus, because of the ongoing boom in infrastructure building in the Philippines, there are plenty of properties for sale that you can improve to turn up a higher profit.




However, one of the biggest hurdles among real estate owners in the Philippines is looking for a buyer who can match your price.


Knowing the many ways you can market your property up for sale is a key tool when you want to enter into real estate investment and trading. Getting an agent is one of the easiest ways to accomplish this from afar, but you can also find that perfect buyer by knowing how to use the internet to your advantage.


How can you harness the internet to sell your property? Here is how to do it:


Where to advertise


There are three places you can tap to sell your property in the Philippines. You can try setting up a page for your property in all of these pages to maximise the reach of your advertisement. Either way, be sure you are able to access the page anytime so that you can be updated of any potential buyer.


Online classified ads sites. There are many classified ads sites in the Philippines. But what is important is, as a seller, to include all your contact information and details about the house to make your ad more credible. But remember to be careful about the amount and type of information you give, as these can be used by scammers to impersonate you and sell your property in your stead.




Facebook. You can create a page for your ad. Or, you can simply look for target buyers through the ‘search by group’ function. What’s great about this function is that you can advertise in groups whose members are especially looking for a home in a certain neighbourhood. Another advantage is that you can check the person’s profile out before communicating with them to make sure that they are real people. Before you do this, ascertain your target market so that you won’t have to waste time advertising your property on just any group page.
Forums. Don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth, and if you are able to maintain a good relationship with forum moderators, take the opportunity to advertise your property on the forum when possible. Be careful not to step out of netiquette lines when using this method, as spam posting is usually dealt with severely. When using forums to advertise, look for an existing thread on real estate trade first before posting a new topic. This way, you can already scour for potential buyers who have already replied in the threads before even posting your ad. Just like in a classified ads website, it’s important not to forget to provide the necessary information in your profile so as to look credible and easy to reach.


The essentials


As for the property itself, there are some essential things you need to put in your ad to be able to attract the right type of buyer. Just some of these essential pieces of information include:

  • Lot address
  • Lot size and number of storeys
  • Sales price
  • Contact details


But don’t just settle with facts and figures. When writing an advertisement, you are also working with words that can evoke pleasant and attractive images that will lure buyers. In your advertisement copy, include in the lot address and a description of the neighbourhood. Mention nearby attractions like shopping centres or restaurants and distance from a hospital.


For the lot size and number of storeys, use words like ‘spacious’ and ‘petite’ to soften up or give your buyer a visual imagery of the size of the home. Giving a title to your ad is also important. While a lot of sellers usually fall for the formula: Type of property (Condo, House and Lot) + Name of developer + Location (City or Provice) + Price (or Discounts). This formula gives all the basic information in one heading. But because it is overused, it does not actually draw attention but rather turns off forum users and Facebook group members. Remember that prospective buyers can easily be lost in the clutter of online classified ads sites so avoid falling into this trap.


While people appreciate the credibility of a seller when looking at an ad or a profile, being creative is equally a good way to sell. Creativity sells because it makes you and your property stand out from the rest of the crowd. The more attractive your ad looks, the higher and the faster the possibility of landing that perfect buyer.


How to make your profile credible


When placing your ad, do not forget that credibility is important, especially if you are planning to take up real estate trading or investment in the long run. Here are some important points to add when making your personal profile to attach to your ad:




Add a photo. Your photo will make the ad look like it came from a real person. A picture is just step one that helps buyers separate real sellers from scammers online.


Use your name as a website handle. Do not go for profile names that are not credible. Use your real name for your profile. To step up security, use your initials plus your surname. This way, your profile will remain professional while not giving too much information.


Accessorise. If your profile can be personalised, then don’t hesitate to add your instant messaging names (Skype, AIM, etc.), add website pins, add your interests, hobbies and other trivial information. This will take your profile one step further and give it a touch of humanity.




Add all contact details. Give your contact details. Again, be wary what information you provide since it could also be used by scammers. Give only secondary contact information like instant messenger accounts or secondary email addresses and mobile numbers.


Once you find an interested buyer, establish constant communication through the different channels you have given. Talking face to face via free video messaging programmes like Skype can help you assess the buyer better and negotiate for a price both of you can settle for.


Finally, if you cannot visit the Philippines to complete the transaction, find a trustworthy representative to complete the transaction in your stead. Be sure that the representative already knows all the details made during the negotiation stage.






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