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How rich are the super-rich Austrians compared to their Filipino wealthy buddies

Despite the world economic decline,  2012 generally speaking has been a very good year for the wealthy in the world. In the German-speaking region ( Austria, Germany, Switzerland) alone the number of millionaires increased to 1.13 million people.

As for Austria, the numbers of millionaires have increased by 5,500 people to 77,600 people. They now own a third of the total private assets in Austria.

In total, Austrian millionaires own assets of 245 billion Euros. Every Austrian millionaire owns 3.15 million Euros on average.


Top Ten list of super-rich Austrians are:

1. Family Porsche/Piech – 40.9 billion Euros ($ 53.4 billion)*.

2. Dietrich Mateschitz – 7.5 billion Euros ($ 9.8 billion).

3. Family Flick  – 6.3 billion Euros ($ 8.3 billion).

4. Novomatic boss Johann Graf – 4.5 billion Euros ($ 5.9 billion).

5. Real estate tycoon Karl Wlaschek – 4.2 billion Euros ($ 5.5 billion).

6. Heidemarie Horten  – 3.2 billion Euros ($ 4.2 billion).

7. Family Swarovski  – 2.6 billion Euros ($ 3.4 billion).

8. Entrepreneur Wolfgang Leitner – 2 billion Euros ($ 2.6 billion).

9. Frank Stronach  – 1.9 billion Euros ($ 2.5 billion).

10. Patricia, Emil Alexander and Marie-Rose Kahane – 1.8 billion Euros ($ 2.4 billion).


This record high result is mainly due to the booming capital markets and the strong real estate market, according to the latest asset report of the investment house Valluga AG from Liechtenstein.

2012 was also a good year for the super-rich Filipinos. In 2012 the number of Filipino billioners increaed to 15 from 11 the year before. Like  their Austrian counterparts, the super-rich Filipinos owe their increasing wealth to the booming capital markets and the very strong real estate market.

Top 10 list of  super-rich Filippinos are:

1. Henry Sy & family – SM Group ($13.2 B)

2. Lucio Tan & family – LT Group ($5 B)  

3. Enrique Razon, Jr. – International Container Terminal Services Inc. ($4.9 B)

4. Andrew Tan – Alliance Global Inc. ($3.95 B)  

5. David Consunji & family – DMCI ($2.8 B)

6. George Ty & family – GT Capital ($2.6 B)

7. Lucio and Susan Co – Puregold ($2 B)

8. Robert Coyiuto, Jr. – National Grid Corp. ($1.6 B)

9. Tony Tan Caktiong & family – Jollibee ($1.4 B)

10. Andrew Gotianun & family – Filinvest ($1.2 B)


*Euro to Dollar  rate at 1.31

Source: (Valluga AG & Forbes)


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