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How the clever Chinese biker got rid of thieves

Crafty Chinese biker Lu Ping, 38, was so fed up with people cutting through his motorbike locks that he made one connected to a gas canister and warned: “This will explode if cut.”

Ping said he was so fed up when his first motorbike was stolen that he had made sure his second bike was locked up tight with three good quality locks outside his home at Hefei, in Anhui province, central China.

He said: “They turned up with an angle grinder and a battery and sawed through all of them in less than a minute – and made off with my bike yet again. That was just a week after I bought it. “But I came up with this idea more than a year ago and since then I’ve had no problem even though there is only this one lock. People asked me if it would really explode and I simply say ‘why don’t you try it and see’.”

Ever since his gas canister lock has been in operation he has had no problems and is even thinking about marketing the idea now giving people the option of whether they actually want to put high-pressure gas into the container or not.

He added: “I call it the Dirty Harry because it’s like saying ‘go ahead punk – make my day’. ”

(via Austrian Times)



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