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How to find true love in Switzerland


International Swiss cities like Geneva and Zurich are seeing an influx of loveless expats looking for love.


Psychologist and communications expert Lesley Lawson-Botez said ‘It is very difficult arriving in a country that’s not yours. Obviously, expats are no longer in their country of origin, so usually they don’t have their family and old friends on hand to introduce them to people.


‘They also tend to work extremely hard and don’t have the time to look for a prospective partner.’

Lesley, herself an expat, found love in her 40s and has since been collecting similar stories for her book. She is no stranger to the cold world of singledom, and she has shared her top tips to find love in the country:


Learn the language. Lesley said to meet the locals, this obvious first step is crucial.


Join a club. Sports clubs are a good way of meeting people and to look at what’s going on in the community. However, Lesley warns that golf clubs are expat hubs and that more locals are often found in tennis clubs.


Take classes. Meet people and follow something you’re passionate about at the same time.


Share meals. Throw dinner parties and invite friends and their acquaintances over. This will increase your circle of contacts. Lesley added that church coffee mornings are also a great venue to meet new people.


Date other expats. Lesley noted that there are places in the country like Geneva where expats outnumber Swiss locals. She added ‘One good way to meet other foreigners is to join expat clubs and associations or professional networking groups.’


Tap colleagues at work. Taking advantage of social networks like fellow colleagues can lead to other people. Lesley recounted meeting a woman who told her co-worker she was feeling lonely. The co-worker then introduced her to a friend, and the two became a couple.

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