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How to keep your gadgets working during long-haul Flights

As America’s aviation authority FAA gives the go-signal for gadget use, fliers around the world are optimistic their local aviation authority will follow suit.

The rule that says to switch off all electronic gadgets during takeoff and landing has been strictly implemented in all airlines. But now that use of phones and laptops under 10,000 ft is allowed in flights to America, the possibility of being productive while waiting for delays is exciting fliers around the world.

However, this raises the additional problem of keeping our devices powered up for the whole flight. What can we do to guarantee our gadgets will work from takeoff to touchdown? Here are some tips:

1. Charge before heading to the airport. Do not leave the house without charging your gadgets and extra batteries at full capacity. To help you remember to do this, you can:

2. Set up reminders. Set your alarms at critical moments of the day like before going to sleep. iPhone users can also set location-based reminders that alert you when you reach a particular destination.

3. Portable power chargers. Rechargeable battery banks have enough power to charge tablets and phones. External laptop battery or chargers can alternatively be used for the laptops.

4. Power strip or multi-port USB chargers. While waiting for your flight, charge up on the airport’s power outlet with your own power strip or outlet splitter.

5. Schedule longer connecting flights. Longer layovers mean more time to recharge gadgets for the next flight.

6. Optimise battery life. Turn off services or features that you don’t need while flying. Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi are just some services that constantly use up battery to search for networks even in ‘dead’ zones.

7. Turn off gadget instead of putting it on sleep mode. If you’re not using your gadget, turn them off rather than keep them on sleep mode. Sleep mode can still eat up battery life.

8. Buy extra batteries. Simply change your depleted battery with another one. But remember to charge these extra batteries before heading to the airport.



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