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How to move to your new flat Headache-free

Moving to a better flat? One of the biggest hurdles is packing your items. Saying it is not as easy as doing it because packing can squeeze the energy out of our body. The stress of packing for a move affects us physically, emotionally and mentally. But packing can be made easy if we follow do it in an organised way.

What do we do to streamline packing and keep it stress-free? First is to list all items we need to pack.


Packing essentials


Boxes. First of all we need boxes of all shapes and sizes where we can place our items. We can buy these boxes from packing and moving companies, online shops, office supply stores and retail stores. If you have usable boxes or storage containers around the house you can use those to store your items for moving. However, be reminded that transporting the boxes and containers in a car or van can lead to scratches. The box or container should be sturdy enough to keep the items inside safe. Using hampers, laundry bins and suitcases can save money, but they might be scratched along the way.




Packaging materials. These are the items we place inside the boxes to act as a cushion between our items and their containers. Polystyrene foam, bubble wrap and even old newspapers can be used as packaging materials. To save money, you can use clothing, blankets and coverlets as an alternative packaging material.


Tape. Standard packing tape or reinforced tape is needed to seal our boxes tightly, preventing spillage.


Patience. When packing items on your own, it is important to have a tremendous amount of patience to sort, pack and store every item in your house. If you don’t have the time to do this because of work or other concerns, you can always hire a reputable moving company to do the packing for you.


Once you have your items ready, you are ready to get down to business!


Basic packing tips




The first item on the agenda is sorting your items. It’s helpful to organise your items into piles. For example, start with two piles labelled: to keep, and to dispose. Moving out is the best time to donate, throw out or sell items you won’t be using anymore. Once you’ve separated the items you’ll keep, write a neat and complete list of these items to serve as a checklist when you start packing.




Once you have your items and boxes all sorted out, it’s time to pack them. Be generous with cushioning materials – it’s better to be careful now than feel sorry later over broken items, scratches and other damages. After sealing your boxes tightly, label them. Write what’s inside the boxes and where they should go in the new house. Write the labels on the sides of the boxes so that they can still be seen even when stacked together.




Pack essentials like toiletries, a change of clothes, eating utensils, cookware, chargers, tools and other basics in a separate, clear bin where they can easily be seen and retrieved when needed. Valuable items like gadgets, laptops, cash and jewelry should be kept in a secure place where they can be monitored. This is important especially if you’re hiring movers to help you.

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