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How your business can earn extra on hearts Day

People celebrate Valentine’s Day in an extra special way for the sake of their loved ones. Many are ready to indulge their romantic interests, family or friends through gifts and surprises to express their love.  Sales statistics show that Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest shopping seasons to look out for because people are ready to part with their money just to please their special someone.


This is why the season of hearts should also be a time for businesses to be more creative and cope up with extra products whether in goods or services that they could offer their clientele to bring in extra earnings.


These extra products and services are not very difficult to set up in existing business. Here are some tips on what products or services to add and the types of businesses that will fit well with them:


 Chocolates. Chocolates are the quintessential gifts for Valentine’s Day. Chocolate candies make up the biggest sales during this season. What is great about chocolates is that they come in many forms: candies, bars, drinks, pastries, cakes, dips and spreads. But it doesn’t end there — chocolate soaps, shampoos and perfumes are also available today.


Because chocolates come in many forms, many businesses can sell this product. Restaurants, catering businesses, pastry shops, food carts and coffee shops can add more chocolate-inspired items on their menu. Groceries, retailers and wholesalers can boost their stocks of chocolate  products.


Flowers. Next to chocolates, flowers take a huge slice in Valentine’s sales during the season. Men usually like to give flowers with their chocolates, this means sale flowers do not directly compete with sales of chocolates.


But unlike chocolates, flowers can only be sold in certain places because they need to always look freshly picked. Groceries are business that can manage the sale of flowers. Fruits and vegetable stalls can also sell flowers alongside their usual fare. Food stands may need extra care when selling flowers as heat from the cookware can easily damage the flowers.


 Cards. Cards bearing heartfelt sentiments are very profitable during Valentines because, unlike flowers and chocolates, they are inexpensive alternatives that can produce the same tenderness on the part of the receivers.


Because they are not perishable, many businesses can simply set up a rack and sell them along with their usual products. Aside from retailers and convenience stores, other businesses that    can sell Valentine’s cards include shipping companies, book shops, payment centres, drug stores and travel agencies.


Perfumes. Perfumes are a posh and popular alternative to chocolates. Filipinos are very particular to good smells, and during Valentine’s when people are more ready to go out, meet people or take their special someone out on a date, smelling good is a must.


Because of the cost of perfumes, not all types of existing businesses can sell it. Only those that are giving service to a certain demographic can find this a profitable add-on service. The smell of perfume also doesn’t make it compatible to certain types of businesses like those selling food products. Beauty shops, beauty saloons, clothes shops, retailers and convenience stores are just some types of businesses that can selling perfume on the side.


 Beauty products and cosmetics. Like perfume, beauty products and cosmetics can only be sold in certain types of businesses. But unlike perfumes, the market for beauty products and cosmetics is bigger. People would like to look extra special for their dates during this season, which is why make-up, creams, shampoo, soaps and other products are lucrative ventures.


Shops that can consider selling beauty products and cosmetics in addition to their existing  services include beauty saloons, clothes shops, drug stores and training centres.


Buy-One Take-One. Many people go for common gifts like chocolates, flowers or cards. But if there are alternative options, Valentine’s shoppers will still go for other choices especially if they are cheaper. Giveaways are perfect for this season, especially buy-1-take-1 offers. Many Filipino couples like tandem items to show their love and devotion to their special someone, which makes clothes like tops, hoodies, caps and accessories like watches and other jewelry suitable as buy-1-take-1 options.



Clothes shops and jewelry stores are best when it comes to giveaways. But even service-  oriented businesses like beauty parlours, massage centres, spas, health and wellness centres, gyms and others can offer buy-1-take-1 options so that couples can pamper their bodies at the same time.


Do you have experience in giving special Valentine’s offers during the love month in your business? What are these and how did the extra service fare? Did it profit well? What other tips can you give to those who want to try giving extra service during the season? Share your experiences and thoughts below.



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