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IKEA tells us why we have to shop for Prices

by FFE EU News Staff




Before you buy anything from IKEA, shop around for prices. This is what the Swedish furniture giant recommends to anyone who plans to buy from their shops anywhere in the EU.


The types of furniture available in one IKEA shop anywhere in the EU are pretty much the same for any other shop in the region. However, buyers in countries like Cyprus and Greece will have to pay more than twice for the same product available in countries like the Netherlands and Slovakia. What’s the logic behind this?


The spokesman for IKEA Belgium explains that IKEAs in EU countries can affix their own prices for products because ‘the context is different in each country.


‘The national stores take the specific market situation into account. How strong is the competition? In Belgium, competition is less fierce than for example in France.’


The spokesman also shared some other factors that determine the price gaps of IKEA products among EU countries, which include average income, spending power and market interest. ‘In Belgium, we see that consumers are paying more attention to the living room than to the kitchen. IKEA Belgium tries to reach consumers a hand by keeping living room furniture affordable.’


Jan Moers of Belgian consumers’ organisation Test-Aankoop confirms this practice among retailers: ‘Prices are determined by many different factors. Both objective and subjective criteria are being taken into account, like transport costs and how much people are prepared to pay for a product, respectively.’


Moers adds that customers who are chasing after better bargains can cross borders to buy a product: ‘In Belgian stores, consumers can make a bargain in the children’s section. In Germany and the Netherlands, electric appliances are cheaper. In Portugal, you find the best deals for kitchen material.


‘It’s worth to compare prices.’


Actually, IKEA makes it easier for everyone to shop for prices: all customers have to do is to get a product’s article number provided in any of IKEA’s local websites and search for the same product in an IKEA local website based in another country.




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