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IMF says Italy could still do more for its Women

IMF says Italy could still do more for its Women

International Monetary Fund notes that Italian women are lagging behind their neighbours in terms of jobs.


International Monetary Fund (IMF) Head Christine Lagarde said that Italy could still do a lot more things to improve the role of women in the workplace.


Lagarde said that ‘A change of strategy is needed’ for the country to fully emerge out of the economic slump. Eurostat in 2012 revealed that only 50% of Italian women are in the work force, way behind the EU average of 62%.


The IMF head suggested that Italy follow in the footsteps of Japan and the Netherlands. In Japan, a network of childcare facilities was set up to employ more women, leading to a boost in the economy. In Netherlands, a ‘flexible part-time’ work incentive was granted to women to allow them balanced time between work and home.


Lagarde’s statement comes after a comment she gave in an American radio station saying women could have averted the crisis if they were put in charge. Her argument was that women were capable of more careful decisions than men who made more snap decisions.



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