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Important Advisory: Cold, wet, spring pushing potato prices up in Germany

By FFE EU News Staff


The prices of potatoes in Germany have gone up at least a third, thanks to the late harvest, long cold winter and wet spring.

 “The prices are the highest they have been in decades,” market analyst Christoph Hambloch from the Agricultural Market Information Company (AMI) told regional newspaper the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung.

At the end of June, one kilo of standard potatoes cost €1.42, a 50 percent increase that at the same time last year, according to calculations from the AMI.

New potatoes currently cost shoppers €65 per 100 kilograms – an increase of €40 on last year’s prices, when baby spuds cost just €25 per 100 kilos. This has been a recent development – at the beginning of May 100 kilos cost between €28 and €30.

Behind the carb cost increase is, Hambloch said, the unusually cold and wet spring weather which saw lots of potatoes being planted later than usual.

In April, UK has also reported the same problem with potato prices going as high as 250% all due to the poor harvest caused by bad weather in spring.

But not is all bleak as prices are hoped to calm down and get to its normal level as supply slowly come in as the month progresses.




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