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Instagram and email: cures for senior depression

How can we help lonely seniors? By getting them wired.

According to a study released in the US, internet use among the elderly can reduce depression by 34%. An earlier study mentioned that older adults are accessing the internet to broaden their social networks and to help them lead independent lives.

With this information in hand, grassroots organisation DoSomething.org has developed a new campaign called ‘Grandparents Gone Wild’ to jumpstart seniors’ education on internet use. The campaign focuses on getting the young involved in helping the elderly stay connected by teaching them to use Facebook, smartphones, Instagram, email and other gadgets and tools.

DoSomething.org has asked teens in particular to help their elderly, as they are the ones who are most knowledgeable in navigating these tools. As an incentive, they are giving away prizes for those who submit the most number of reports of seniors they have helped.

To join the campaign, check out Grandparents Gone Wild.



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