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Is it healthy to share your digital space with your partner?

In the age of information, even couples are expressing their intimacy through digital means. Check your Facebook friends and you would definitely see a couple of friends sharing and having a single FB account with their wives or husbands. Password sharing and access to personal digital space has become a common way for couples to show their love and loyalty to each other. Many Filipino couples find this romantic! But what can possibly happen when we share our passwords with our partner?

                Is it truly healthy to share our online space?

Sharing passwords and online space

                There are advantages and disadvantages to sharing passwords and online space. All these are mere possibilities, but it pays to know them now rather than suffer their consequences later.

                Some of the pros of sharing passwords and online space include:

1. A show of trust. The first thing you’re telling your partner as you share your password is that you are not hiding anything from them. When passwords are shared by couples, trust is established and guaranteed.

2. As a means to show respect of privacy. Most couples share their passwords as a means to understand if their partner can respect their privacy. They do not really go so far as to open their partner’s account and snoop around. Trading passwords is merely an indirect permission to use a profile, and staying away from their account demonstrates your respect to your partner.

3. A way to keep constant contact with family and friends. If you’re the type who doesn’t usually log into your online accounts, then your partner can easily update your accounts for you. This becomes valuable when you are separated from your family by thousands of miles where every message is very important. It’s also valuable if you’re too caught up at work and have no time to update your accounts on your own.

                The advantages of sharing passwords and online space are actually a healthy way of gauging your relationship with your partner. However, the risks of sharing access to your site become clearer once the relationship sours.

                Some of the cons of sharing digital space and passwords are:

1. May promote snooping. Giving your partner your passwords may provide them with the opportunity to snoop around your online lives. There is a very thin line between innocently looking at the profiles of your partner and reading messages out of context. Once the goal of logging into your partner’s account is to get information to be used for arguments or blackmail, then access to online space becomes unhealthy and unfair.

2. Risk of being locked out of the account. It’s very easy to change the password of an account. In addition to that once a relationship sours, bitter partners may use a shared online space to impersonate users or give the wrong information to contacts, family and friends.

3. Legal consequences. Most users may not be aware that there are legal consequences to sharing passwords and other important information about social media accounts. Not following website terms of service regarding the privacy of passwords may result to punishments.

4. Friends and family stay away from your account. Once friends and family detect that your account is being controlled by your partner or is not used exclusively by you, they may stop from chatting, sending messages and tagging you in their posts. Friends and family may feel hesitant to connect with a shared account especially if they do not know or are not very close with your partner.

                When a social media site becomes a way of creating a rift in a relationship, then sharing online space becomes unhealthy. Using a profile in the wrong way, butting into conversations or sending hateful or emotional messages unnecessarily can ruin a person’s online image. Never be tempted to change anything about your partner’s online identity, especially when he or she trusts you would not tinker with it.

                Sharing digital space has its risks. However, if you trust your partner wholeheartedly and if both of you set a limit to how much the other can do, then there shouldn’t be any issues. Sharing passwords does not destroy relationships — losing trust will.

Do you have plans to share your digital space with your partner? If yes, why would you like to do that? If not, what is stopping you from doing so? Share your thoughts with us by writing on the Comment box below!





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