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Is it now possible to sms or call during Flights?

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As portable gadgets and devices become more integrated to a traveller’s life, airlines are also adjusting to make these gadgets more accessible during a flight.


Although the European Commission has approved using mobile phones in-flight since 2008, many passengers who still cling on to the belief that using phones in a plane is dangerous are influencing how people use their gadgets above land.


But calling, texting, connecting to the Internet, chatting online and charging your devices in-flight are allowed in many international flights today. Here is a list of airlines flying European routes that have relaxed their rules on in-flight mobile phone use:

  • Aer Lingus (Ireland)
  • Aeroflot (Russia)
  • Air France
  • British Airways
  • KLM (Netherlands)
  • Lufthansa (Germany)
  • TAP Portugal
  • Transaero (Russia)
  • Virgin Atlantic (Britain)
  • Cebu Pacific Air
  • Philippine Airlines


However, before taking out your phone during a flight, make sure that the particular plane you are boarding allows in-flight mobile phone use. Some airlines restrict mobile phone use only to certain types of planes and certain routes (domestic routes usually disallow mobile phone use).


Passengers who plan to use their mobile phones must also follow certain restrictions applied by airlines. For example, American airlines require passengers to set their phone into flight mode while Lufthansa passengers are required to connect to their in-flight network Lufthansa FlyNet before using their phones.


Are you planning to use your phone in your next flight? Here are also some tips to keep your gadgets powered up for long-haul flights.






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