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Is the colour of your room improving or ruining your mood?

Whether you are just moving in or redecorating, painting your walls is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to brighten your home. Besides its aesthetic value, choosing the right paint colour for your walls can also inspire your creativity, enhance your mood, and bring you good energy. This is according to the principles of colour psychology wherein colours are known determinants of human emotion and behaviour.


Keep in mind also that it is not just about choosing the right colours, but also knowing where to incorporate them in your home that plays a significant role.


Here are some guidelines to help you choose your paint colours.


Red. Red is associated with passion, love, energy, desire, hunger, warmth, adventure, blood, and risk. This is why red is most suitable in dining rooms and kitchens, as it promotes a warm and sociable atmosphere. Seeing red while eating also stimulates the appetite.


If you cannot paint your entire kitchen wall red, you can enliven your wooden cupboards, cabinet or shutter doors by tinting them red instead. It will give the same effect.


If you have high blood pressure, stay away from painting any of your rooms red as the colour can make you more irritable and restless.



radiates warmth, stability, energy, vibrancy, reassurance, recuperation, health, and digestion. This is why orange is most suitable in the living and dining rooms, as it promotes a very warm and inviting atmosphere.


People selling their homes during winter often paint the interiors in orange because the colour seems so welcoming from the outside. It also gives an impression that it is warmer inside the house.


Green. Green brings you closer to nature and resonates energy, rest, balance, security, and stability. This is why green is suitable for the living room, as it provides a very fresh yet calming effect. Green is also the color of concentration, which is why it is suitable for study rooms and offices.


Beige, brown, and other earthy home accessories will compliment your green wall.



Blue. Blue promotes calmness, solemnity, purity, loyalty, serenity, and evokes a feeling of protection. The colour also promotes intellectual thought, and is believed to keep hunger at bay. Blue is suitable for the bathroom as it serves as a place for cleansing, and a private retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation.


Together with white bathroom accessories, fixtures, and furniture, a blue wall can inspire ease of mind and body.



Always remember that the colors you choose to paint your rooms reflect your personality, and the different hues, shades and tones you fancy dictates your temperament and how you react to challenges you meet everyday. So next time you repaint your walls, reflect on how you see the world and how you want the world to see you.



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