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Italian defiles his dead mum to get cash Benefits

by FFE EU News Staff


Italian defiles his dead mum to get cash Benefits

This fraud case in southern Italy will chill your spine.


A 51-year-old man from Reggio Calabria in southern Italy had recently been arrested for fraud and for the discovery of a dirty secret: hiding his mother’s corpse.


Igino shared a home with his mother Maria Musitano in Delianuova town. But when she died a year ago, the son did not honour her memory and instead hid her in a freezer. Igino had been living off his mother’s monthly pension of €1,000 ever since.


It was the neighbours who finally alerted the police after suspecting Igino’s behaviour and Maria’s long absence in their neighbourhood. A stench that crept from the home finally pushed the neighbours to call the cops.


Igino’s case is not unique in Italy. In January, a woman from Piedmont region was found to have hid her mother’s body for four years in a freezer. The daughter said she did it to ‘always be close’ to her mother. But like Igino, she had also ‘survived’ using her mother’s pension.



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