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Italian men love their mamas and foreign Women

by FFE EU News staff

According to national statistics agency Istat, the number of marriages between Italian men and foreigners are rising.

In 2012, 30,724 marriages between an Italian and a foreigner were recorded, representing 15% of the total marriages that happened in the country that year. That number was also 4,000 more than the figures recorded in 2011.

The majority of the weddings also happened in northern Italy, where one in five married couples include a foreign spouse.

Istat also proved that the saying ‘mammoni’ or mamma’s boys continue to hold true in the country as they revealed that more than 50% of Italian men still live with their parents.

2012 figures show that 52.3% of Italian men aged 25-34 still live with their parents — a number that the agency sees will only grow.

The report shows that men are staying longer because of longer time spent in education, difficulty in finding a job and finding property on their own. In addition, the economic decline has fostered a feeling of ‘uncertainty’ among men, making them more fearful of leaving the family home.

Istat said that because of this fear, more men are also marrying later in their life, the mean age of the groom being 34. However, younger Italian men who marry expats early would need to introduce their brides to their parents. Foreign wives would also have to make do with the arrangements at the family home.

The prospect of living with in-laws may not be appealing to foreign wives who would want to live an independent family life. But until the prospects of Italian men change, then mammoni and his bride will have to make do with what they have.




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