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Italian premier vows to fight violence against Women

by FFE EU News staff


234685-italian-leftist-letta-nominated-as-new-pmItalian Premier Enrico Letta called for greater action versus violence against women on Monday. The announcement coincided with the UN’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.


Letta remains optimistic that the war against the crime will soon be won and that ‘there is a great collective effort on this issue by the government.’ He described violence against women as ‘the daughter of psychological legacies and attitudes, collective and individual, that are unfortunately still present in Italy.’


According to authorities, around 128 murders of women have been reported so far in 2013, all of them committed by familiar men. Statistics compiled by the organisation Sexual and Domestic Violence Assistance (SVSD) in Milan have also shown that cases of domestic violence against women in the past two years jumped by 53%.


The total reported cases of violence against women also increased by 23% compared to data two years ago. This is despite the tougher measures Italian authorities have passed in the same period.


Letta stressed the need for education to change the longstanding attitude that sees women as properties of men. Deputy premier and Interior minister Angelino Alfano likewise said there is a need ‘to eradicate all forms of oppression and injustice through laws, but also through campaigns, awareness-raising and educational activities.’


Former Miss Macerata Campania and Italian lawyer Lucia Annibali, both victims of violence against women, were also introduced as the public faces of the issue.



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