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Italians find productive way to combat killer online drinking Game

Italians find productive way to combat killer online drinking Game

Many users may just find this alternative more appealing than beer.


Neknominate is a global online drinking game that has gone viral in many countries, recently hitting Italy by a storm. But a campaign in the country to fight this trend is also gaining likes, combatting the drinking spree.


One Sicilian teenager drank himself to a coma after playing Neknominate, a game which dares users to record a video of themselves as they chug down alcohol as fast as they could. They then post the videos on Facebook and tag friends to do the same. Around the world, five were reported to have died due to it.


As a response, a group of Italians recently created a book-friendly online tagging game called ‘Booknomination.’ According to the group’s Facebook page, ‘The rules of the game are exactly the same… [but] instead of being obliged to gulp down a beer in a second, guys must open a book and read a passage in front of a webcam.’


The managers of the group said that public response to the new campaign may be ‘a load of crap’ or may just ‘open a book that we’ve forgotten, or one we have always wanted to read, or simply a way to get to know works we didn’t know already.’


BookNominations Italia now has 380 members. There is also an older Booknomination group based in Germany which was made as a response to the ‘idiot trend’ Neknominate. Instead of posting videos, members are asked to post a photo of the book they are reading and tag a friend to continue the cycle.



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