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Italians leaning towards smarter food Choices

by FFE EU News staff



A study by Italy’s Chamber of Commerce has revealed that Italians are now spending less on junk food and buying more of homemade produce.


Unioncamere said that the economic crisis has changed consumer spending habits regarding food, pushing Italians to buy more cautiously. According to their survey, one in two people buy ‘only the essentials.’ Their survey also revealed that Italian shoppers are only buying what they have chosen carefully, adding that most are now heading directly to farmers for their food.


More Italians have also turned to growing their own food: 15% of adults have turned to homegrown produce. 17% of these have started during the past five years.


The chamber added that the new attitude in food choices has caused prices to remain stable. They predict a 2014 inflation of just 1.5%.


Chamber president Ferruccio Dardanello said ‘The crisis has persuaded many Italians to try hard to find different ways to reduce the cost of food shopping, so that they can get their accounts to balance at the end of each month.’


The biggest cuts in spending for food were on fizzy drinks and desserts. Many have also turned to cooking up their own food, a move that the survey suggested may also be the result of Italians having more time in their hands.



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