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In Italy, clean criminal record now a must for Babysitters

In Italy, clean criminal record now a must for Babysitters

Group warns new Italian child care requirement may overburden parents.


Today is the first day a new law for child care goes into effect in Italy, and parents will be none too pleased about it.


According to the new law, Italians who employ people for child care purposes (nanny, babysitters, etc) must request the court for the criminal record of the potential employee. The law is designed to protect children. However, domestic worker employer’s association Assindatcolf said this additional requirement could potentially disrupt already overburdened parents.


Assindatcolf said that ‘fathers and mothers [will] find themselves further overloaded’ by the new law and insisted that ‘It is the employee who must personally request [for the criminal record] and then present it to the employer,’ not the other way around.


The group also warned that the added requirement might ‘lead to both a paralysis in hirings and promote under-the-table employment.’


Last week, the group tried to ask the enforcement of the law to be postponed.



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