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Italy minister: those who grow up in Italy should be Italians

by FFE EU News Staff


italyMinister for Integration Cécile Kyenge said that Italy will be rewriting its citizenship law this 2014 to give more of its citizens the right to be called Italians.


Kyenge said ‘My main objective for [2014] is to bring to light a new law for citizenship. If the year which is coming to an end was the year of European citizenship, 2014 must be for Italy the year in which that law is realised.’


Italy’s current citizenship law bars children of immigrant parents from applying for citizenship before turning 18. This makes up 15% of babies born in the country each year, or 80,000 people in 2012. The law has been widely criticised for being out of date with reality.


The Integration minister has vowed to change this law since being appointed in April. She said ‘there was a huge amount of discussion and participation on this topic that involved not only the parliament but the whole country.’ Before 2013 ended, she said ‘2014 towards a new citizenship: whoever is born or grows up in Italy is Italian!’ via Twitter.




Kyenge hopes the parliament will soon add the agenda in their 2014 calendar.





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