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Italy tourists may go hungry on October 31

by FFE EU News staff

Photo source: Amanda Ruggeri

Tourists going to Italy beware: you might go hungry on the 31st of October.

Workers employed by businesses represented by restaurant associations Fipe Confcommercio and Angem are set to go on strike on October 31 to protest the proposed changes in the National Contract of Tourism.

The National Contract of Tourism aims to protect restaurant workers’ rights, but Monday’s talks among restaurant associations and unions regarding its renewal have hit a deadlock.

Italian restaurant, catering and entertainment federation Fipe Confcommercio is pushing for a change in the contract’s labour conditions in a bid to keep restaurants afloat as Italy weathers out the economic crisis. Their proposed measure was to scrap a deal wherein restaurant staff must be paid 14 monthly salaries a year.

However, restaurant unions Filcams Cgil, Fisascat Cisl and Uiltucs Ui have said the measure was ‘unacceptable’ and that it will weaken the job security of those employed in the sector.

Around 960,000 workers are set to join the strike, affecting thousands of restaurants, bars and catering services in Italy.



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