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Japanese smart bra unhooks only for Love

by FFE Tech News Staff


braUnwanted men, keep off! Japanese fashion brand Ravijour has finally created a way for women to keep their bodies safe until they find their true love.


‘True Love Tester’ is a smart bra that uses sensors and a device that measures the user’s heart beat to detect if she truly is in love. These are linked via Bluetooth to an app that assesses if the woman’s feelings are real. If it truly is love, then the app will unclasp the bra, letting the lovers take their course.


Developers explained that the body’s response to love is different from its responses to other feelings and activities. The bra only unhooks when the heart rate reaches a certain value in the device’s ‘True Love Rate.’ With this technology, bras can now become an instrument to test true love. However, interested ladies would have to wait and see if Ravijour will eventually make this public as they made this as a gimmick to celebrate their 10th anniversary.


Spokeswoman Yuka Tamura said ‘We wanted to do something that wouldn’t just appeal to people who wear our products, but also to lift the romantic mood between men and women.’



Many companies who are venturing into the wearable technology market are seeing the advantages of tapping on bras as a way to assess physical responses among women. Last year, Microsoft developed a smart bra that aims to curb overeating. Like True Love Tester, Microsoft’s smart bra also uses devices placed inside the cups of bras to measure women’s physical responses.




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