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Jinggoy lashes out on PDAF scam senate Probe

by FFE PH News Staff


Jinggoy lashes out on PDAF scam senate Probe

Senator Jinggoy Estrada describes yesterday’s probe on the PDAF scam mishandled, full of lies.


Senator Jinggoy Estrada lashed out on the way Senate Blue Ribbon Committee chair senator Teofisto ‘TG’ Guingona III handled yesterday’s probe on the PDAF scam, describing the proceedings as mishandled and full of lies.


Estrada said ‘Masyado na niya (Guingona) hinuhusgahan ang mga pahayag ni missis Tuason kahit wala pa namang basehan ang mga salita ni Tuason.’ He also said that the chair’s handling of the probe was more like a ‘self-offensive foul’ than a ‘three-point shoot’ as Guingona described.


In yesterday’s PDAF scam probe, potential state witness Ruby Tuason directly implicated Estrada by saying she personally delivered kickback money to him in his office. Estrada has denied the allegations, saying that his father’s former social secretary only delivered pancit and sandwiches whenever she came by his office: ‘She brings two trays of sandwiches.’


Estrada added ‘If she is really telling the truth, why can’t she recall such instances from her own memory and not rely from written statement? Missis Tuason is merely being fed all these information.’


During the hearing, Tuason also named two of Estrada’s staff, whose identities Estrada himself confirmed afterward. He even said ‘Hindi naman sila magtatago. I will not prevent them from appearing (in the next Senate blue ribbon committee hearing).


‘I have said in my previous interviews that I send either my driver or my security to assist missis Tuason in bringing the snacks to my office.’


In the probe, Tuason revealed instances wherein she communicated with both ‘pork barrel queen’ Janet Lim-Napoles and Estrada regarding kickbacks and commissions both would take from dubious projects wherein the senator’s PDAF had been allocated. She said she had personally delivered money to Estrada many times and that she had received commissions in those transactions.


Tuason said she decided to come out and apply as potential state witness because she had been moved by her conscience. In a candid moment, she said ‘I don’t want to die with 18 million Filipinos hating me. I don’t want to die with my grandchildren being ashamed of me. So, I felt I had to correct my mistake.’


She said she is willing to return the Php40m in commission she earned as go-between for Estrada and Janet Lim-Napoles. She added that she is even ready to sell her house to raise that amount.



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