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Jose Rizal should not promote Liquors

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The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) in a statement said it is objecting to the use of the names of Philippine heroes for alcoholic beverages as planned by local liquor-maker Destileria Limtuaco.


According to national broadsheet Inquirer, the distillery wants to use the names of national heroes Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio in some of their products. The distillery had earlier been granted permission and licence to use the name ‘Intramuros’ in one of their products.


Rizal is considered the greatest Philippine hero for writing novels that sparked the revolution while Bonifacio is considered the ‘Father of the Philippine Revolution.’ Intramuros refers to the historic walled city in Manila that was the seat of government during the Spanish era.


NCCA said that ‘Historic persons, national heroes and heritage sites are given the highest level of recognition and dignity by the State.’ Therefore, their use ‘to enrich private interest … for commercial enterprises … distracts from the achievements of these persons or the importance of these sites [and] sends the message that their names can be desacralised.’


Apart from the NCCA, the Intramuros Administration has also stated its rejection of the distillery’s plans. However, NCCA spokesman Rene Napenas admitted he was unsure if the commission can stop the company from pushing through with its plan.


Destileria Limtauco, established 1852, is considered the oldest distillery in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Its products include wines, whiskey, brandy, vodka, tequila and other alcoholic drinks.


The distillery is already using two popular names in some of its products: French emperor Napoleon in one of its brandies and Noli Me Tangere character Maria Clara in a wine.






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