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KC Conception talks about being an actress

by FFE Entertainment News staff

KC Conception admits she once felt worried about her future in TV network ABS-CBN. However, as her primetime soap Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala is about to end this week, KC feels finally accepted as a serious actress.

In an interview with Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP.ph) during a press conference for the soap, KC reveals that being part of the show is a huge boost to her career in showbiz. She confesses that she never dreamed about playing the kind of role given to her in the soap, and adds that “I never really thought that I would last so long.”

KC’s break into showbiz started 5 years ago after studying in an international school in Europe. At that time, she only wanted to do hosting and commercials. Now that she considers herself a certified actress, she feels “so thankful.” She calls her co-star and Queen of Teleserye Judy Ann Santos her “big sis” and mentor and says “I’ve learned from the best… I’m still learning from the best.”

KC confesses during the conference that a lot of people doubted her ability to play “bida-kontrabida” (hero-villain) in Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala, which also stars Judy Ann and Sam Milby. She says that even she doubted her abilities. But as the show went on and support came from friends, co-workers and fans, she grew more confident of her abilities. She declares “I could say that minahal ko yung acting, yung craft” [I learned to love acting, the craft that goes behind it].

She feels overwhelmed at the support she receives via Twitter. While she and the show are not immune to online bashing, KC does her best not totake these comments personally. There are times when she faces people who comment on the smallest details which they blow up for the sake of their own agendas, she says. But there are also times when she feels she’s acting for the sake of her followers. She takes it all in a stride and even thanks the bashers for giving them higher TV ratings.

When asked if she regrets that the show is facing an abrupt ending now that she feels comfortable as an actress, she says that the industry still has plenty of roles she could take on. “This is a launching pad pa lang para sa akin. New beginnings na hinihintay ko talaga” [This is only my launching pad. I’m still expecting new beginnings to come my way].

She mentions getting tweets from her mom, Megastar Sharon Cuneta, uplifting and encouraging her for her acting, saying getting these messages felt good. She says that she primarily gets her motivation from her mom, especially when she’s in doubt. She recalls always being advised to study the craft, how to control her looks and emotions to get a feel of the role. With this in mind, she says she grew and learned to play unpredictable characters and hopes that she’ll still get accepted in the future when she plays roles similar to Alexis in Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala.

The cast of Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala

When asked if she believes that her role in the soap placed her acting abilities at par with her showbiz parents Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Conception, she says “siguro po, opo” [maybe, yes]. But she adds that it also feels good to break rules, saying “you know the rules, learn the rules, and then you bend the rules.” All in all, she says “[Alexis] has been a turning point.”

Compared to her mother who always played hero in her projects, KC was asked if playing villain is a career plan. With a smile, KC explains that it’s all in the personality. She also believes the deviation has to do with where she grew up. Since she grew in part in Europe, she says that she is more ready to take on daring and fierce roles. She also thinks that viewers would want to see unique characters on screen.

KC believes that her mother will take on a role that falls within her comfort zone, saying that “she’s the Megastar because of what she’s done and how she’s done it.” While her mom’s plans in the other network are unknown to her, KC hopes that her mom will be given a project she will be happy with. As for her in ABS-CBN, she decided to stop planning and leave her future projects to the Lord’s will. “Let’s see what’s gonna happen.”

She confesses that she cried during the conference not just because of how much she internalised her character but also because she remembered the experiences of her loved ones. She comments on how Judy Ann was very gracious even when hurt. She, on the other hand, also uses her personal experiences to act well. She adds that she felt afraid for her career when she was left by her mom for a rival TV network and after her breakup with Piolo Pascual. But she’s happy that her projects in the network, like ASAP, showed them her sincerity in her craft and her work. “I’m glad … they’re continuing to keep me busy.”



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