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Keep your shirt on in Mallorca or get Fined

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In a bid to improve its public image, the Spanish city of Palma in Mallorca plans to ban tourists who walk the streets shirtless. The swimwear ban will apply to the city centre and not the beach, boardwalk and nearby streets.


Palma’s Tourism Head Alvaro Gijón commented ‘I’ve never seen this problem in leading (tourism) destinations such as London, Paris, Berlin or Amsterdam, and as we want to carry on being one too, we don’t want to transmit the wrong image.’


Meanwhile, a Luxury Mallorca Holidays spokesperson argued ‘I think the fines for wearing swimwear in the streets are excessive. It’s not such a big problem for the island’s capital and locals are sometimes just as guilty too.’


The ban is still being processed as a draft law and is set to be passed in the following weeks. Once approved, people who are not covering the top portion of their body while touring the city centre will be caught and fined €600.


Aside from the swimwear ban, the city plans to introduce laws and fines to tackle balcony-jumping (balconing), ‘fake begging,’ those who are caught looking for prostitutes and locals who do not clean up after their pets.





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