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Kim Chiu’s Twitter Q&A trends Worldwide

Kim Chiu just held a Q&A on Twitter through #askkimchiu3 last night while taking a break between taping.


Kim Chiu’s Twitter Q&A trends Worldwide


Fans eagerly swamped the 23-year-old actress with questions that mostly tackled her favourite food, colour, bands, animals and destinations. She revealed that her favourite foods include (veggies) string beans, squash, potato, (fruits) banana, ice cream, pasta, pancit, (Filipino foods) kare kare, pichi pichi, palitaw, puto bungbung, sinigang and taro milk tea.


As for her top destinations and to-do, Kim said she would like to visit Switzerland and the Netherlands and would like to skydive again soon. One fan asked what Kim feared the most, losing her family or career. The actress wasn’t able to weigh in on the two and said ‘ofcourse both.:)’


Two fans were curious about the star’s fitness habits. One asked what Kim preferred more, being fit or sexy. Kim answered ‘fit!:)’ Another asked how Kim spends her free time. She said ‘gym, movie or house lang!!:)’


Kim is known in showbiz for having one of the slenderest bodies. How she maintains her fit, model-like body has been the subject of many interviews in the past. But what exactly does she do to keep her body trim?


Kim’s diet plan has changed over the years. This shows that she doesn’t follow a strict diet as she is naturally thin. She eats her favourites, like kare kare and eggplant, and steers away from food that trigger allergy like seafood and chicken. However, she closely monitors her rice intake, saying she doesn’t eat rice at night, but makes sure she’s very full in the morning with a hearty breakfast.


Kim Chiu’s Twitter Q&A trends Worldwide

“lets go!!! kangoo dance!!!! #skinwhiteevent #betterme”


Her regular performances in ASAP shows that Kim’s dancing helps her maintain her tip-top shape. Like her diet, Kim’s workout programme also depends on the needs of her body. However, she likes to focus on muscle and strength building to develop more curves.


During the Q&A, Kim also posted a photo of her with fellow co-stars, including love interest Coco Martin and Cherry Pie Picache who plays Coco’s mother, in the set of teleserye drama ‘Ikaw Lamang:’


Kim Chiu’s Twitter Q&A trends Worldwide


Kim signed off at around 10:12pm, saying ‘hi salamat po sa inyong lahat for all the questions!:) sorry i cant answer all of them..next time!:) ill make it 2 hours na!:)’ and ‘and thank you also for making it trend #askKimChiu3 saya!:) next time ulit ha? back to work mode:) goodnight po sa lahat ng mag sleep na :)


Although the Q&A only lasted an hour, fans were still able to push #askkimchiu3 to trend worldwide:


Kim Chiu’s Twitter Q&A trends Worldwide


What do you think about Kim’s ‘fitness programme’? Share your thoughts by commenting below.



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