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No kiss for Balotelli as Italy loses vs Costa Rica

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Costa Rica’s 1-0 win against Italy hours ago has dashed England’s bid in the 2014 World Cup — and Azzurri star striker Mario Balotelli’s hope to get a kiss from the British Queen.


Before the match, Balotelli had tweeted that he wanted a kiss on the cheek from the Queen if Italy won versus Costa Rica. England had been defeated by Italy and Uruguay in two earlier matches. But an Italian win would have given England a fighting chance to come out ahead of the Latin American groups in Group D:


21jun balotelli kiss queen


As it stands, however, England is now at the bottom of what has been called the ‘Group of Death’ with 0 points in the leaderboard:

21jun balotelli kiss queen 2

Even if England wins on its third and last game next week versus Costa Rica, it will still be mathematically impossible for them to reach the knock-out stages. This means that, as of today, England is already booking their flights home.


England’s double loss at the group stages of this year’s World Cup is considered the team’s worst performance since 1958.


Meanwhile, if Italy wins against Uruguay then it has a chance to top Group D and move on to the next stage. Balotelli and the Italian team Azzurri might want to concentrate on that bout if they want more kisses for Italy.






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