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Ladies, you better start seriously exercising by 30

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Ladies, better start squeezing in more time to exercise by the time you hit 30 or else you might suffer from heart disease.


An Australian research found out in a study of risk factors related to heart disease that almost 51% of heart disease cases among women aged 31 to 36 might be eliminated if they exercised. Physical inactivity (described as no or low physical activity) among women aged 31 to 90 also registered as the highest risk factor that led to heart disease.


Here is what the study found out:


  • Women age 31–36 could eliminate 50.9% of heart disease cases if they exercised more
  • Women age 47–64 could eliminate 33% of heart disease cases if they exercised more
  • Women age 73–90 could eliminate 24% of heart disease cases if they exercised more


But before you panic, it must be noted that the researchers based their results by studying a specific population. This means that the result may be true to a group of women but may not be true for each individual case.


What this suggests is that women above 30 in general need more exercise to keep away from heart disease. However, other risk factors like smoking, high blood pressure and weight must still be taken into account in each individual case.


While the study suggests that women above 30 should exercise more, it did not specify which type of exercise they should focus on to better prevent heart disease.






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