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Ladies, you may want to grab this new Bra

8may firming bra


Ladies, take note! A Spanish firm has just produced a bra that will help keep the breasts moisturised, toned and firm, and this is now available online.


‘Firming Bra’ is now available in the online shop La Tienda en Casa for women who want to cut time on applying moisturising cream on their breasts. The idea came from sisters Mirasol and Juana Sanchez Jodar and their friend Gloria Martin, who are all in their thirties, after they discussed how long it took to apply cream on their breasts.


The Jodar sisters and Martin, finding the task too time-consuming, then invented a moisturising bra using special fibres with nanoparticles. Mirasol explained: ‘We had to look for the right cream first of all, something with the characteristics and properties of a firming cream.


‘We then created a bra with a fabric made from a unique, patented microfibre textile with nanoparticles that contain retinol, ceramides, fatty acids, oleic acid and aloe vera. These are released by the bra directly onto the skin through contact.


‘The end result is a bra that moisturises, firms and tones the breasts.’


Does the wonder bra work? Mirasol said that based on their research from customers, 98% said they experienced softer breast skin and 81% said their breasts felt smoother and more elastic.


Apart from helping women with a boost of self-confidence, Firming Bra also helped generate employment in the inventors’ hometown of Lorca in Murcia province, Spain. Mirasol explained ‘We thought it was crazy that so many people had no work, but that there was the potential to create a great job.


‘We invested everything we had and borrowed the rest to make the idea a reality.’


Firming Bra costs ₤32 and comes in sizes ranging from 38 to 52. Ordering a second bra will give buyers a 30% discount.





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