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Laughter: the Filipino way of Coping

by FFE PH News Staff




In the face of adversity, Filipinos still find the time to laugh and smile. This is what President Aquino wanted to point out on Friday’s courtesy call of ambassadors and Palace visitors during the kick-off to the tourism project ‘Winter Escapade—It’s More Fun In The Philippines.’


As a way to show how Filipinos are able to cope after a string of disasters in 2013, Aquino shared a joke he received via text message that talked about ‘pork barrel queen’ Janet Lim-Napoles. In front of an audience of members of the Canadian embassy and other visitors, the president narrated how a TV programme called ‘Maalala Mo Kaya’ wanted to get Napoles in their show.


When the writers interviewed Napoles, all they got in response was ‘Hindi ko maalala.’ This was a reference to what Napoles also kept on telling the Senators during the hearing for the alleged misuse of billions of pesos in lawmakers’ funds.


Aquino said ‘So of course the scriptwriters came to interview Mrs Napoles to ask her about details. And in every question, Napoles only answered: “I don’t remember that.”’ Aquino then said the scriptwriters eventually got fed up of Napoles’ lack of clear response and decided to dump the show: ‘After five to six hours of interview, the writers have not written anything and eventually decided not to pursue the episode of “Maalaala Mo Kaya.”’


After that, the president said ‘It’s good that I am able to make you laugh. Filipinos find a way to smile in the face of trials to at least ease the burden.’





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