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Lauren Young supportive of sister’s Miss World win

by FFE Entertainment News staff

Lauren Young says in an interview with Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) that she and her family support her sister 100 percent. Lauren’s older sister, Megan Young, won Miss World Philippines 2013 last Sunday, August 18. Megan Young will represent the country in Miss World 2013, which will be held in Indonesia on September 28.

The 19-year- old TV star declares her support for Megan after news of her win drew criticism. “I know that my sister deserves to win [because I saw how much she worked and trained] well. She really exuded confidence,” she adds.

But Lauren confesses that she felt nervous watching her sister, especially since she was vying for the crown alongside other beautiful and intelligent candidates. She reveals how she held her friends’ hands and how she cheered every time her sister came out on stage. “I am really very happy for her ‘coz this is one of her dreams,” she says. “[She’s slowly fulfilling her dreams] and I wish her luck.”

When asked how she supported and how she plans to support her sister now that she won the title, she says that her whole family was 100 percent behind her. She adds “I would always, always tell her [that she can do it. That nothing is easy in this life].” She’s very happy that her sister’s efforts finally paid off.

She also says that the family has been planning to go to Indonesia to support her. Lauren’s also told her sister that even if she didn’t win in Indonesia, she’ll still be Lauren’s Miss World. “We’re very close,” she adds, “I adore my sister so much. She’s one of the persons I look up to ‘coz she’s very, very smart. She has a beautiful heart and [she’s the type who would put everyone else] before herself.”

In a separate interview with PEP, Megan said she was willing to sacrifice everything important just to fulfill her dreams, including her love life. When Lauren was asked for her comment on this, she reveals that they have been talking about this way before the pageant. “Of course,” she says in Filipino “opportunities like these would be wasted if she put others before her first.”

She admits to feeling nervous for her sister. “I kept on telling myself na I hope she will do a great job—and she did, di ba? She’s very stressed out but when you look at her, she’s very happy na she’s part of this beauty queen’s world. She was really very excited and, look, it worked out for her.”

Lauren is proud that her sister is now not only an actress and TV host but also a beauty queen. “Usually, it’s the other way around, di ba?” She says it was nothing to her whether a candidate was an actor or a host or whether a beauty queen later embarked on show business. “It’s all different things,” she adds. “[As for Megan], she joined … ‘coz she has a cause. She wants to represent our country and it’s not for her personal gain.” She reveals that Megan is also a proud Filipino, and wanted to bring home the crown if she succeeded.

Win or lose, Lauren says, she and her family are ready to face the intrigues. “We’re open to that. But people are easy to forget,” she adds. “[I told Megan], ‘If you win or lose, [people will say things about you].’” But Lauren believes that her sister need not worry because the pageant is a fair game. “[Being an artist] didn’t give her an edge over the other girls. [My sister just did her best].”

When asked if Lauren will follow her sister’s footsteps and also join pageants, she says “it’s not my thing.” She adds that what her sister did to prepare looked more difficult than taping for a show. She also says that she wouldn’t want to feel how it’s like not to win. “I don’t see myself winning a crown.”

If she were forced to join, she says she would copy what her sister did. In the past, Megan turned down people telling her to join pageants. When she eventually did, no one forced her, Lauren explains. On the other hand, Lauren just loves to watch them on stage and that it’s not something she could do.

“Besides” she says, “[I can’t force myself if I don’t want to] ‘coz the outcome won’t be good.”

Lauren finally thanks those who have supported her sister. “My sister’s victory wouldn’t be sweeter kung hindi n’yo siya ipinag-pray, tinulungan, at kung wala kayong tiwala sa kanya” [if you didn’t pray for her, help her, and if you didn’t trust her]. She hopes that her sister’s supporters will continue to pray for her when she competes in Indonesia.



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