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Leonardo Di Caprio had perfect Kate kiss

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet were “perfectly” in sync when it came to kissing scenes in Titanic. The pair starred in the James Cameron-directed epic drama. The filmmaker was impressed by their natural chemistry. “My favourite scene is the kiss in the poster. That sunset was real. We saw it beginning and in a few seconds decided to shoot, though we weren’t ready. Leo and Kate were perfect in touching their lips and we did just one shot,” he smiled. Titanic is still a much-loved film and celebrated its success with a 3D re-release this year. Cameron is proud of the passion project. “The Titanic was a passion and an obsession, which for me are the same, because I’m a perfectionist,” he gushed to Italian magazine Io Donna. Although Cameron is thrilled to have helmed Titanic, there is one movie he wishes he had done.    “I would love to have directedJurassicPark, but Steven Spielberg finally got that job. When I watched it, I realised that he was the right man because he managed to do a film about dinosaurs appropriate for children,” he said.

Cover Media || Sep 30, 2012 2:30 PM PHT



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