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Lifestyle tips to stop Snoring


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Did you know that our lifestyle can dictate if we snore or not? This is actually good news to those who usually snore at night and those who unfortunately share their beds with snorers because it means it can be controlled and minimised.


Here 5 things that make us snore and how to control them:


1. Blocked nasal passages. If you have an allergy or colds, it would be harder to breathe through the nose. This encourages people to breathe through their mouth, leading to snoring.


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Solution: To clear the nasal passageway, rub eucalyptus oil on your chest, neck or pillowcase. Nasal sprays and anti-histamine tablets also work. Consult your doctor to know how your condition is affecting your breathing and how to treat it.


2. Sleeping on your back. Sleeping on your back could relax the tongue, chin and throat muscles and fats around the neck and chest, crushing your airway.


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Solution: Simply train yourself to sleep on your side rather than your back to prevent crushing the nasal tract.


3. Smoking. Smoke from cigarettes can lead to swelling and congestion in the nasal cavity and throat. Congestion in the airway forces the air to flow through a smaller space, making breathing difficult.


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Solution: Cut down or completely stop smoking. This requires a drastic lifestyle change, but there are ways to do it.


4. Drinking before bed. Alcohol can cause our muscles to relax, letting it collapse on the throat and nasal passageway more readily.


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Solution: If you’ve had wine for dinner, allow a few hours to pass by before sleeping so that your body can absorb and exhaust the alcohol. If drinking late at night is unavoidable, then remember to sleep on your side to prevent relaxed muscles from crushing the airway.


5. Obesity and being overweight. Fatty tissue can constrict the nasal passageway, affecting the airflow when breathing. Being a few kilogrammes overweight can already lead to snoring.


More than 1.3 billion people around the world are overweight or obese



Solution: Shed fats, exercise and eat a balanced diet. Losing weight can also lead to a stronger cardiovascular system, preventing heart ailments.


Anti-snoring devices are also available in the market today, ranging from nasal sprays to devices to be put in the mouth. The British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association has a list of products you can browse for this purpose. Extreme cases of snoring can also be corrected through surgery.







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