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Log in on your old Yahoo email accounts before July 15

by FFE Tech News Staff

Yahoo is going to give your inactive email account to someone else after July 15. 

Yahoo has decided to free inactive Yahoo IDs on July 15, so you better hurry and log in on any of your account that has been inactive for more than a year, if you still want to keep them.

Releasing the inactive accounts can also be good news. If your name is ‘Ding’ and you’ve ended up with having ding.dong007@yahoo.com as your email address because ding@yahoo.com was taken, then this is a welcomed development.  This means that you now have once in a lifetime chance to get your favourite Yahoo ID.

According to Jay Rossiter, from Yahoo SVP, Platforms the reason why Yahoo have decided to release the inactive IDs is” to give (their) loyal users and new folks the opportunity to sign up for the Yahoo! ID they’ve always wanted.

If you are looking for a fancy Yahoo ID that until now has been taken, you should try to sign up for that on July 15. Yahoo will check if that specific account has been inactive for at least a year. They will inform you in mid August whether you can have that Yahoo ID or not.

There are some security concerns though regarding Yahoo’s attempts with releasing the inactive IDs. Lets say you have a Yahoo email that you are not using directly but rather indirectly, for instance as a backup account for your Hotmail or Gmail account. If you’ve not logged on that account for a year, it’ll be considered as an inactive account and ready to be released on July 15. And of course the day that you’ll need your backup it might be to late since your account might already belong to someone else.

Another issue of concern is what would happen to all the data that are stored on the existing but inactive Yahoo account. And if you once have used that account to buy things on the internet, or have signed memberships, some very private data are already linked with that account which might fall in the wrong hands when changing owners.

Share your thoughts!

Do you think this is a positive development? Are you looking forward to getting the email address that you always wanted? Do you have Yahoo accounts that you think would soon be deactivated once Yahoo implements this new policy? Are you worried that the data on your inactive account might fall in the wrong hands? We would love to hear your opinion on the  matter. You can drop us a line or two at the comment box below!



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