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Full Name: Lorna Regina Bautista Legarda

Nickname: Loren Legarda

Birthdate: 1960-Jan-28

Place of Birth: City of Manila

Place of Voter Registration: Potrero, Malabon City

Current Residence: Potrero, Malabon City

Marital Status: Single

Nationality: Filipino

Political Party: Nacionalista Party

Social Media Account(s):

Twitter: loren_legarda

Facebook: senatorloren

Link(s):  http://www.lorenlegarda.com.ph/

Loren Legarda was a TV newscaster and personality before joining the Senate in 1998. She ran for vice president in 2010 but lost.


> Rights of Women, Youth and Children. Committed to serve the most vulnerable members of the society, Loren Legarda works hard to protect the rights and promote the welfare of women, youth, and children, including victims of sexual coercion during the Second World War, commonly known as “comfort women”. Her dedication to this cause enabled her to develop leadership with a heart, leadership with passion and determination, with subtlety and firmness, drawing her concerns from her being a woman and a mother.

> Environmental protection, climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction. As current Chairwoman of the Climate Change Oversight Committee of the Senate, Loren ensures that climate change, including adaptation and disaster risk reduction, is addressed as a national priority and considered in policy making and development planning.

> Protection of workers’ rights. Loren Legarda recognizes the constitutional mandate that labor is a primary social and economic force; and that the rights of workers must be protected and their welfare be promoted.

> Education. Loren Legarda believes that literacy is a fundamental human right. As such, she acknowledges the urgent need for a collaborative effort between government and non-government organizations involved in literacy promotion.

> Nationalism. Loren Legarda believes that nationalism should be nurtured by the unity of intention and oneness of motive for our country be great again. Therefore, all efforts towards national reconciliation and healing must be pursued, particularly through legislation that seeks to recognize the richness of culture, the uniqueness of our diversity as a people, and those Filipinos who have labored to preserve our culture through the history of forebears.

(Source: ivoteph ; UP sa Halalan 2013)



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