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Lost Smartphone!!!

Smart phones nowadays are like walking biographies, containing all kinds of data about the owner. Losing ones Smartphone can therefore be both scary, painful and at the same time costly. While the number of Smartphones getting stolen or lost is increasing dramatically, the mobile phone producers do not seem to have any interest in dealing with the problem.

Some experts have been suggesting to the Smartphone industry to create a “kill button” that can be used to make it impossible for thieves to reactivate a stolen mobile phone. The logic is that thieves would not steal something if they know they would not be able to sell it. However, the industry seems to have no incentives to help stopping the mobile phone theft, since people will buy a new phone if their old one is stolen, which simply means more sales for the mobile phone makers.

Some carriers though, such as the American Verizon have created their own database of stolen/lost mobile phones which makes its almost impossible for a phone reported stolen to be reactivated on their network. The problem with that though is the stolen phone can still be used on other networks, and they can still be shipped and sold to other countries which is actually what happens to the majority of the stolen phones in Europe and the US.

 How can you find your lost Smartphone, or at least prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands?

 You can, to a certain degree, protect your phone, or at least make it difficult for the thief to use your phone. Start by using a pin for your SIM card, and a lock screen code or password. You can also take advantage of some of the free antivirus programmes available for mobile phones, such as Avast and AVG that also have a theft tracking feature. If you have an iphone or a Mac device you can use Find My iphone. If you have an android device, you can also use Androidlost. Android Lost will help you locate your phone, erase your data remotely, send SMS to your stolen phone, activate an alarm, take a picture of the one holding your phone etc,.  Watch the video to find out how it works.    


As a final note, until the mobile phone industry adds the “kill button” to their Smartphones, try to take care of you phone in the old fashion way, meaning: keep your Smartphone as close as possible to you, and never leave it unattended in the office or in any public place.   




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