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Love mani-pedi? Here’s how to avoid Infections

21may mani pedi

Getting a professional do your nails is one of the best de-stressors in life. But not if the manicure and pedicure leads to botched nails and, worse, infections!


How do you keep safe in a nail salon? Here are some ways to make sure your mani-pedi trip ends without regrets:


1. Look for a licence. Licence and certification ensures that the salon is following proper cleanliness and that their nail technicians are trained to handle nails safely.


2. Check the salon’s cleanliness. There are several areas to look at to make sure that a nail salon is very professional when it comes to clean environment and nail tools. Here are what you should look out for:


  • Waste bins.  If the waste bins are overflowing and no one seems to care, chances are the staff doesn’t care so much about the cleanliness of nail tools too.


  • In the manicure area… check if the staff disinfects their tools after each client. Towels should also be fresh and new. Used cotton balls and disposable nail files should be promptly thrown away.


  • In the pedicure area… check if the staff disinfects their footbaths with hot water and soap after each use. These should be re-filled with clean water.


  • Sterilised tools. The staff should be not use a UV steriliser, a fast but not thorough way to kill bacteria. Instead, they should use liquid disinfectant to clean their tools.


  • Washed hands. Be sure the staff washes or disinfects her hands and your hands and feet first before getting started.


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3. Bring your own kit. Just in case you aren’t fully convinced about the salon’s tools, some allow you to bring your own. These can be left with your name on it for your next appointment. However, make sure they are disinfected when you return.


4. Be careful with your cuticles. The cuticles are the nail bed’s primary line of defence versus bacteria. Wrong handing can lead to infections, fungal growth or even the loss of a nail. Don’t let the manicurist cut your cuticle; have her gently push it back instead.


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5. Go to a med spa. If there aren’t any nail salons that come up to your standards in your area, then you can opt to go to med spas. Doctors overseeing the staff can ensure that tools are sterilised properly and cleanliness standards are maintained in the facility.



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