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Impact of strike actions from Monday, 22 April 2013
The Lufthansa Group’s flight operations has been considerably restricted on Monday 22 April 2013 as a result of the strike by the ver.di trade union.

The impact of the strike leads to flight irregularities on Tuesday, 23 April 2013 as well.
Flights operated by Germanwings are not affected.

Lufthansa regrets any inconvenience to Lufthansa passengers caused by the threatened strike measures by ver.di and will do its utmost to minimise impacts on passengers. Passenger support and service has paramount priority.

Passengers are kindly asked to please check the status of their flight before leaving for the airport. Passengers for flights that will take place please calculate extra time at the airport.

An overview of currently cancelled flights can be found here:

Cancelled flights

Affected passengers please check the status of their booking prior to leaving for the airport. You might have been rebooked for an alternate flight and can check-in for it here.

Passengers whose flights have been cancelled are kindly asked to go to the Online Check-in to verify if they have already been rebooked on an alternative flight. If this is the case, the boarding pass for the new flight can instantly be created online.

Rebooking and refund of cancelled Lufthansa flights:

Lufthansa tickets for Lufthansa flights from/to/via Germany on 22/23 April 2013 that have been cancelled can be rebooked once or refunded if the ticket has been issued on or before 20 April 2013.

Ticket refund

Please note that free-of-charge ticket refunds due to flight cancellations resulting from the strike can only be processed by the Lufthansa Service Center or via our e-mail form.

Affected passengers who cannot use the above mentioned self-services kindly contact our service center toll free

in Germany 0800-8506070*
in UK 0800 358 0538
in France 0805 98 0097
in Spain 900 901 465
in Italy 800 089 775
in Russia 88003334265

or via our local phone numbers.

* Toll free from German landline network. Call charges from German mobile networks max. 0,42 Euro/min

Travel on Deutsche Bahn:

Passengers travelling within Germany whose flights have been cancelled due to the strike may alternatively travel by train with Deutsche Bahn. To do this, please exchange your etix for a travel voucher under My Bookings or at a Lufthansa check-in machine.
When exchanging the voucher online you can either print the travel voucher or send it per E-mail/SMS to your mobile phone. If you do not have the time to exchange your ticket online or at the check-in machine, we recommend you purchase a regular train ticket. In this case we kindly ask for your understanding that you will then be refunded the unused portion of your ticket only. As the reason for cancellation was force majeure we are unable to provide any compensation beyond the value of the unused ticket.
Please contact your ticket issuing office after your travel for a refund of your unused ticket. You can receive current travel information under Deutsche Bahn or on your mobile phone via m.bahn.de.

Lost baggage:

In order to deliver your baggage please fill in our Lufthansa Baggage form or please contact the Lufthansa baggage tracing counter as soon as you arrive at your destination. For status updates on your missing baggage please go to Lufthansa baggage tracing online. Check here for further information on baggage liability.




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