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Maja Salvador’s album hits gold Record

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It looks like Maja Salvador’s power to believe in herself is not misplaced after her first music album entitled ‘Believe’ officially hit gold record status yesterday.


A gold record status in the Philippines means that sales of the physical and digital versions of the album has hit 7,500, an extraordinary feat for Maja who is better known as an actress and dancer and who has never ventured into the music industry before the album Believe was released.


Because of the good news, Maja can’t thank supporters and fans enough for believing in her. Her venture into a singing career was supported by Ivory Music and Video; in her Instagram account, Maja said she is grateful to her producers for making her dreams come true:


9jun maja gold record

9jun maja gold record 2

Maja Salvador also did not leave out the thousands of people who bought her album and helped give her singing career a big boost. She gave a shout out to many of her fan groups for making her feel so successful and loved:


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Maja was facing many detractors last year until early this year for her decisions involving her personal life. Regardless of the criticisms, she still pushed on with plans for an album when she signed with Ivory Music in February and when Believe was finally launched in March.


Now that her album has hit gold after three months, Maja has finally come full circle and is once again on top of her life and happiness. But as shown in her reactions to her newfound success, it is her positive attitude, self-confidence, humility and her gratitude to people who stick around during the ups and downs of life that truly make her golden.





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