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Why Malaysia Airlines’ lost plane isn’t found Yet

Why Malaysia Airlines’ lost plane isn’t found Yet

Five days after Flight 370 vanished, investigators still not closer to solving the mystery.


What happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370? This is the question international media and aviation authorities all over the world are asking. Yet five days after its disappearance, investigators are not one step closer to finding an explanation.


Flight 370 left Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for Beijing, China Friday night local time. An hour after leaving Kuala Lumpur International Airport, it vanished without a trace. The plane disappeared from flight tracking websites and air traffic screens almost at the same time; the last message air traffic control received was ‘Alright, roger that’ which meant everything was normal.


Why Malaysia Airlines’ lost plane isn’t found Yet


How is it possible to lose a plane with modern technology available in the aviation industry? Air traffic control still uses mostly radar to track planes. But radar can only monitor planes at a certain distance from the shore. The planes also send signals to help radar track their location and status:


  1. Transmitter responder (transponder) which automatically sends radio signals to the ground
  2. Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) where inflight computers ‘talk’ to computers on the ground


The plane’s flight recorder or ‘black box’ will allow investigators to unlock the mystery. However, it has to be retrieved, and before that the actual crash site must be found first.


Without any leads yet, speculations are surfacing as to the fate of the plane, including sudden explosion, pilot suicide and even terrorism.  12 countries are currently involved in the search for the plane, and one angle that is being pursued is the possibility of a sea crash or a high altitude explosion.


Search teams are scouring the seas around Malaysia for debris from the plane. But if the plane indeed disintegrated on air, then one big problem search teams are dealing with is the vastness of the searching ground: the ocean. Another problem is that the search teams might just be looking at the wrong places.


As days pass relatives of the 239 passengers are losing hope. Search operations are also becoming more desperate as the mystery remains unsolved.



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