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The Manny Paquiao Effect

14apr pacquiao effect

Falling crime rates, less traffic… these are just some of the things that happen whenever Pambansang Kamao Manny Pacquiao steps into the ring. Palm Sunday was no different from Pacquiao’s previous fights as he once again transforms the Filipino people into a nation united by a single purpose.


Manobos to continue fighting for peace

Manny Pacquiao’s fight to reclaim his WBO welterweight belt from former undefeated boxer Timothy Bradley has inspired the evacuees of Talaingod, Davao del Norte to renew their fight for justice and peace in their hometown.


The natives of Talaingod had to be evacuated after guerilla and military forces started to clash in the area. Some 1,500 Manobos are currently living in shelters and evacuation centres, away from their home.


Teody Mansimuy-at said ‘Like us who are demanding justice to human rights violations, we are inspired by Pacquiao’s victory to continue fighting until we get our demands.’ He said his community has appealed to the people’s champ to help them in their call to pull military forces from their land.


‘We will be very grateful if the pride of Mindanao will be able to bring help for us who were displaced.’


Basilan in a ceasefire

In Unkaya Pukan, Basilan, Abu Sayyaf and military forces set aside their differences and went on a ceasefire to cheer for Manny as he traded punches with Timothy Bradley in Las Vegas. 18th Infantry Battalion Commander Lieutenant Colonel Paolo Perez said ‘Grabe ang hiyawan parang walang nangyaring bakbakan.


Yon lang hingi nila sa akin. Ok lang daw magdamagang bakbakan basta wag lang umabot sa laban ni Pacman.


Aetas brave the heat

In Pampanga, around 50 Aetas walked some 30 kilometres for two hours under the heat of the sun just to reach Angeles City and watch Pacquiao in a delayed telecast.


Roman King said he and his fellow Aetas wanted to ‘seem him in person.’


‘[Pacquiao is] our idol.’


Tacloban forgets its troubles

Taclobanons once again brushed aside their problems and gathered together to watch Pacquiao at the Astrodome.


This is the second time Taclobanons watched Manny’s fight en masse after suffering huge losses in the wake of typhoon Yolanda, which hit Visayas last November. The first was when survivors cheered for Manny against Brandon Rios in a comeback fight in Macau on 24 November.


Crime rate ‘zero’

The Bacolod City Police Office (BCPO) reported that yesterday’s bout once again led to zero crime rate in their city. Senior Superintendent Larry Decena said ‘It’s peaceful because even the would-be criminals were also concentrating in front of television to witness the victory of Pacquiao.’


The Philippine National Police (PNP) announced prior to the fight that they hoped Manny’s fight will again keep criminals off the streets. Past police data shows that crime rate falls in the Philippines whenever Manny has a fight.


Edsa empty

Perennially hit with traffic problems, Edsa was surprisingly empty yesterday. Dante Peralta of Spin.ph caught this rare photo of the major thoroughfare which looks amazingly spotless during the Pacquiao-Bradley match:


14apr pacquiao effect 2


Meanwhile, other provinces were hit by unusual traffic problems during the bout in Las Vegas. In Nueva Ecija, many commuters were caught in a transport vacuum as drivers were glued on their television sets. In Baguio, crowds stopped traffic as they spilled over the streets to watch the live telecast via a giant screen on Abanao Street.


How do Manny Pacquiao’s fights affect you? Share your thoughts below.





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