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What does Mariel Rodriguez like about Sweden?

by FFE Entertainment News Staff




Mariel Rodriguez and Robin Padilla flew to Sweden last Sunday for a holiday trip and, so far, the 29-year-old host seems to be enjoying their trip.


‘Sweden is eco friendly. there are also a lot of organic restaurants in stockholm according to my research. id like to share with you the most delicious dessert i have tried in my life. its BLUEBERRY CRUMBLE!!!! there must be lots of blueberries here in stockholm!!!!! its absolutely divine!!!!!!!’ an ecstatic Mariel posted on her Instagram.


Mariel had also expressed amazement on the cleanliness of Sweden’s capital city.


‘The water of stockholm is so clean that you can swim or fish for salmon in the middle of the city,’ said Mariel.


Sightseeing is not the couple’s only purpose in Sweden. Robin had stated in previous interviews that he and Mariel will take a holiday trip to the Scandinavian country to learn more about its laws on gay marriage. Sweden is the seventh country to legalise same-sex marriage.


The 44-year-old actor said he also wants to see the sinkhole called Fabiangropen (Fabian pit) that appeared in the town of Gallivare in 2012. According to Robin, the sinkhole had opened up when a gay pride parade was held in the area.


Robin’s trip to Sweden will give him time to reflect whether or not he will push through with a film he is planning to produce that will star his sister BB Gandanghari. The said film, which will tackle the issue of gay marriage, had been cancelled twice.


Do you think Robin should push through with the film? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.



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