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Mars 2023: Inhabitants Wanted

The space travelers will return … never. They will finish out their lives on Mars, representatives from the nonprofit said.

 Anyone 18 or older may apply via video but there is an application fee — $38 for U.S. applicants. The group wants to launch a supply mission that will land on Mars as soon as October 2016. A “settlement rover” will land in 2018.

Mars One intends for a second crew to join the first one in 2025, and more will follow regularly. Each flight will carry two men and two women, so reproduction on Mars would be feasible but not intended.

At the news conference, Lansdorp said he’d like to go to Mars himself, but he isn’t because his girlfriend won’t come along. I have a really nice girlfriend, and she doesn’t want to come with me, so I’m staying right here.” Watch the video if you are interested to know more about the mission.


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