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What did Matteo do that revealed his relationship with Sarah?

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Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli are finally out in the open.


Sarah G candidly and proudly confirmed that Matteo was indeed her boyfriend in a short interview with media during the thanksgiving party of her movie ‘Maybe This Time.’ The confirmation yesterday night finally ended almost a year of speculation on the status of the two.


The admission came after interviewers asked Sarah if Matteo really does call her ‘mahal.’ She said ‘Oo naman [talagang yun ang tawagan namin]… o sige, sabihin ko na po, boyfriend ko po si Matteo.


The interviewers were referring to a missent text message by Matteo to director Wenn Deramas which read ‘Good morning mahal!’ The director posted a photo of the message on his Facebook page ‘para matawa ang mga tao.


Wenn Deramas: ‘Every morning nagtetext ng Goodmorning itong si Matteo after ko syang padalhan ng mensahe ng panginoon ito.sagot nya ngayong umaga! Basahin mo ito Sarah! Hahaaa

For months the couple has kept mum on their relationship status. A press interview of Sarah’s ‘big sis’ Judy Ann Santos also revealed no direct answer on the real score between the Sarah and Matteo. However, posts in social media have more than hinted what was really going on between the young actors.


20jun sarah matteo out 2

Sarah’s relaxed comment on the sweet photos of her and Matteo circulating social media: ‘Proud naman kasi kami talaga.


So, after months of keeping it to themselves, what has finally led Sarah and Matteo to share their relationship to the public? Sarah commented in the same interview ‘Kasi marami ding nagsasabi na parang paliguy-ligoy, di ba? So, yun po.


Perhaps the confirmation was also prompted by the fact that Matteo is leaving the country for New Jersey and Virginia this weekend on a TFC Kapamilya tour.


Based on Sarah’s answer, it seems the couple just wants to prove to non-believers and critics that their love is real. The revelation may also mean that Sarah and Matteo are finally tearing down whatever fears they have about their relationship and just enjoy each other’s company unabashedly and without restrictions.


Simply put, Sarah and Matteo are proud of their relationship.


Does this mean that joyous fans will soon be treated to more photos and appearances of the power couple? That’s still up to Sarah and Matteo who, although already out, still very much respect each other’s family and value privacy. However, we now know without a doubt that the two are very happy in love.






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