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Mayumi’s In-flight Beauty Secrets

MAYUMI DESCHANEL ILLUSTRATIONHappy new year everyone! Maligayang Bagong Taon! Bonne année!


How did you folks celebrate your New Years? I hope everyone had a great time!


This New Year few of my relatives came to visit us from the Philippines, which made me happy. I love spending time with my cousins and aunts since we seldom meet given the distance of… well, our continents. Pierre and I picked them up at the airport and as we were waiting outside, the sudden sight of my Auntie Gloria made me gasp. She looked disheveled and worn out, but I suppose that is what long haul flights can do to anyone. Stuffy cabins, pressurized air, and uncomfortable seats can dehydrate, exhaust, and take a toll on our skin and hair.


Luckily, frequent flying has taught me a thing or two about plane primping. Despite the obvious discomforts of flying, I am going to share a few secrets on how to look to look your best again before disembarking.


Cleanse your face. By this time, you are in-flight. Your skin has either dried out or produced more oil than usual. Washing your face can take care of that as well as leave you feeling rejuvenated. Bring a cream based cleanser, as those do not normally strip your skin’s moisture levels. If you hate the hassle of going to the lavatory, bring a pack of cleansing cloths or towelettes that can wipe dirt and makeup off your face. My personal secret is bringing a small spritzer bottle and filling it with water as soon as I get on the plane. I usually spray it on my face throughout the flight to keep my skin hydrated.



Use dry shampoo. Hair also gets dehydrated causing limp locks or an oily mane. To prevent this, use dry shampoo before your flight, as it will absorb oil and maintain your hair’s natural moisture and silkiness.


Pat powder – on your scalp! Another way to fight greasy hair is to dab some baby powder on the roots of your hair or scalp. The powder soaks the oil and masks it. Make sure to spread it evenly so you will not look like you have a frosted head.



Get rosy. Put some life into your face by putting on some blush on your cheeks and some tint on your lips. Having colour in your face erases any trace of exhaustion. Using lip and cheek stains are convenient because they serve a dual purpose.


Brighten your eyes. Apply some mascara on your eyelashes to make you look flirty and wide-awake. Opt for mascaras that have a curled brush, as these will make your lashes bend and open your eyes more.


Shimmer. Dabbing some white or shiny eye shadow to the inner corner of the eye will also help in brightening your eyes.



Spray some cologne. Since planes are enclosed spaces, odours will have a tendency to stick to your skin and clothing. This is why we sometimes end up smelling like plane food. Spraying some cologne can make you feel refreshed. If your airlines prohibit you to bring even a small bottle of cologne, try rollerball fragrances or cologne sticks.


Now that you know my plane primping secrets there should be no excuse for you to look like the walking dead on your next flight okay?


Hope this helps folks!


Until Next time!

Mayumi Deschanel



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