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McDonald’s spud proves to be a dangerous Weapon

by FFE EU News Staff



A French McDonald’s diner fell victim to a freak flying potato accident this week, forcing her to stay home from work for ten days.


The renegade spud accident happened at a McDonald’s near the city of Bordeaux. After an impatient customer blew his top because of sluggish customer service, he launched a potato wedge at one of the restaurant’s staff.


But instead of the hitting the offending crew member, the missile hit a woman who was eating with her family nearby. This forced her to go to the hospital, where doctors said she suffered from a scratched cornea and advised bed rest.


The incident has been reported to the police, but there have been no news yet on the hunt for the wedge thrower.


France is not new to reports of irate McDonald’s customers. In December, there had been word that another customer attacked a drive thru near Paris with an axe after being served cold fries.





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