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Mechanic solves birth Problem

Doctors say there is great potential for the device since it can be used by midwives even without the aid of a doctor. Aside from lessening the baby’s exposure to infections like HIV, caesarean birth rates in developed countries can also be lowered with the use of the device.




Thirty women have already gone through trial deliveries. Mariana Macchiarola, 35, was one of those who pioneered the device. She said ‘I had no pain whatsoever. It was very quick and I got to enjoy watching the birth of my son. The first time, I hadn’t managed to see it, given my desperation! This time around, I could enjoy it.’


Odon has continued to improve the device, submitting 3 more patents on it. 100 women are likewise signed in to undergo more test deliveries. The next step for the Odon device is more tests to be conducted in Africa, Asia and Europe.


For Odon, the success of his invention lies in its accessibility and power to save lives. Meanwhile, Schvartzman praised Odon for his creativity, saying ‘Doctors are very structured in their thinking and Jorge is a free mind, he can think of new things.’


Merialdi added that ‘although delivery is a biological function, it’s also a mechanical process and so it’s not surprising that a mechanic found a way to solve the problem of protracted or obstructed labour. I doubt an obstetrician like me would have thought of a plastic bag with an air chamber in it.’


Today, Odon has left the management of hisgarage to his son so he could fully devote his time to improving the birthing device. For him, the fulfillment of his dream is still unbelievable: ‘I woke up one night with this idea, it almost felt magical. What I cannot understand is how I came up with a solution to help babies be born.


‘I’m moved by the potential of this invention and I’m especially grateful to the doctors who first believed in me.’

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