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Megan Young discusses Miss World in BBC interview

by FFE Entertainment News staff

In a BBC interview last Friday, the newly-crowned Miss World Megan Young admitted that she was not a fan of beauty pageants at first.

“It’s funny because I always told people, and I told this to the judges at our closed-door interview that I did think of pageants as very superficial,” Megan told ‘Impact’ host Lucy Hockings when asked why she decided to enter the pageant in the first place.

Source: Lucy Hocking’s twitter page

The 23-year-old Filipina said that her opinion changed on beauty pageants when she heard about Miss World.

“The fact that its main purpose is charities, which is the beauty with a purpose really hit me because then I knew maybe that was what I wanted and it wasn’t about the glitz and the glamour at all,” Megan said.

Whether or not the Miss World pageant is still relevant in this modern time, Megan was quick to defend the Miss World Organization.

“People always need help, they constantly need help and that’s the purpose of Miss World. To reach out to people, to reach out to the less privileged and my goal this year is to not only do that but to let people know what they can do to help,” Megan said.

Watch Megan’s full interview here:

Megan will also be part of BBC’s 100 Women season where it “will seek to shine a light on life for women in the 21st Century, the risks, the challenges and opportunities they face every day, in every country”.

Megan is the first Filipina to be crowned Miss World last 28 September in Bali, Indonesia. She is scheduled to fly back to the Philippines on Thursday, 10 October.



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